On 29 December, South Africa filed a case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at the Hague accusing the State of Israel of genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

It argues that Israel's military actions in Gaza are in breach of its obligations under the 1948 Genocide Convention and "genocidal in character because they are intended to bring about the destruction of a substantial part of the Palestinian national, racial and ethnical group.”

Intent to Commit Genocide: Significant and overt evidence of specific intent to commit and persist in committing genocidal acts by Israeli state officials, including statements like “Gaza won’t return to what it was before. We will eliminate everything. If it doesn’t take one day, it will take a week” by Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant.

Actions Constituting Genocide: Evidence of Israel's large-scale military assault on Gaza resulting in over 21,000 Palestinians killed, widespread destruction of homes, hospitals, and infrastructure, and the displacement of over 1.9 million Palestinians.

That is why the Progressive International was at The Hague to bear witness — to stand with Palestinians, support the South African case, and demand an end to the genocide.

On 26 January, the court will deliver its order on the requested immediate provisional measures.

The Progressive International has prepared a summary fact sheet of South Africa's legal brief for you to make sense of the genocide case against Israel.


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More than 900 popular movements, unions, political parties, and other grassroots organizations have signed an open letter to support South Africa's case.

“We urge national governments to immediately file a Declaration of Intervention in support of the South African case against Israel at the International Court of Justice to stop the killing in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.”


This form is for individuals. If you would like to sign as an organization, please write to [email protected].