On 8 December, the Progressive International will inaugurate a new global process to present, deliberate, and develop proposals for a New International Economic Order fit for the twenty-first century. Read the introductory essay here and sign up for the launch event below.


Andrés Arauz

Former Minister of Knowledge of Ecuador
and Central Bank General Director

Diego Pary

Permanent Representative
of Bolivia to the United Nations

Gerardo Torres Zelaya

Vice Foreign Minister of
the Republic of Honduras

I. Rhonda King

Permanent Representative of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to the United Nations

Jayati Ghosh

Professor of Economics at the University
of Massachusetts Amherst

Jomo Kwame Sundaram

Senior Adviser at the Khazanah Research Institute

Mona Ali

Associate Professor
State University of New York

Munir Akram

of Pakistan to
the UN in New York

Odo Tevi

Permanent Representative
of Vanuatu to the United Nations

Sacha Llorenti

Secretary General

Thomas Isaac

Former Minister of Finance, Kerala

Vasuki Nesiah

Director of the Gallatin Global Fellowship in Human Rights

Yusnier Romero Puentes

Representative of the Republic of Cuba
at the United Nations

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