Havana Congress

New International Economic Order

On 27 January, the Progressive International will convene scholars, diplomats, parliamentarians, and policymakers from across the world for the Havana Congress on the New International Economic Order.

For decades, Cuba has united the world in defense of sovereign development, from the Tricontinental Conference in 1966 to the annual UN General Assembly Resolution that calls on its sister nations to stand against coercive unilateral measures and chart their own history.

This month, Cuba assumes the presidency of the Group of 77 (G77) as the combined crises of food, energy, and environment escalate across its member nations. What is the common vision to guide the Global South out of this crisis? What is the plan to win it? What is the New International Economic Order for the 21st century?

The Progressive International inaugurated a new global process to answer these questions. It began in New York in Dec 2022 alongside UN ambassadors from around the world. Now, it heads to Havana, upon an invitation from the Cuban authorities to continue this dialogue at the V International Conference For World Balance.

“It is critical for progressive forces from around the world to challenge the old order. We believe that the Progressive International’s Congress is well-positioned to help thinkers and leaders from across the Global South shape a common vision and build a strategy to win the policies and proposals necessary for a new, just world order,” said Dr. Héctor Hernández Pardo, Executive Coordinator of the Conference.

«The struggle to eliminate the injustice of the existing international economic system and to establish the New International Economic Order is an integral part of the struggle of the people for political, economic, cultural and social liberation.» — Fidel Castro


Alva Baptiste
Minister of External Affairs, Saint Lucia

Clara López
Senator of the Republic of Colombia

Denzil Douglas

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Saint Kitts and Nevis

Guillaume Long
Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)

Olivia Marcela Zúniga Cáceres
Ambassador of Honduras in Cuba

Yanis Varoufakis
Member of Hellenic Parliament

Felix Plasencia
Secretary-General of ALBA-TCP

Niki Ashton
Member of Canadian Parliament

Efraín Guadarrama
Director General of American Regional Organizations and Mechanisms of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico

Mourad Ahmia
Executive Secretary of the Group of 77

Karina Batthyány
Executive Secretary of CLACSO

Peter Mertens
General Secretary, Workers' Party of Belgium

Cheng Enfu
President of the Academy of Marxism, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Monica Bruckmann

Professor at Department of Political Science of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Mona Ali
Associate Professor of Economics, State University of New York – New Paltz

Karol Cariola
Member of the Chilean Chamber of Deputies

Andrés Arauz
Former General Director of the Central Bank of Ecuador

David Adler
General Coordinator of the Progressive International

Sheikh Manssour Bin Mussallam
Secretary General, Organisation of Educational Cooperation

Matias Capeluto
Director, Casa Patria Grande

Héctor Hernández Pardo
Executive Coordinator of the V International Conference for World Balance

Gladys Cecilia Hernández Pedraza
Jefa de Departamento, CIEM

Luis Ilarregui
Ambassador of Argentina to Cuba

Fadhel Kaboub
Under-Secretary-General for Financing for Development, OEC

Richard Kozul-Wright
Director of the Globalisation and Development Strategies Division, UNCTAD

Sacha Llorenti
Fmr Secretary General of ALBA–TCP

Ramon Pichs Madruga
Director of the Center for Research on the World Economy (CIEM)

Michael Galant
Member of the Secretariat of the Progressive International

Luther Castillo Harry
Secretary of State in the Office of Science & Technology, Honduras

Franco Metaza
Director of International Relations of the Senate of Argentina

Maite Mola
Director of International Relations, Party of the European Left

Varsha Gandikota-Nellutla
Member of the Cabinet of the Progressive International

Abelardo Moreno
Former Vice Foreign Minister of Cuba

Nancy Nicholas
Senior Foreign Service Officer, Ministry of External Affairs, Saint Lucia

Christian Pino
Fmr Executive Secretary of CAITISA

Gerardo Pisarello
Member of the Spanish Chamber of Deputies

Maite Orsini
Member of Chilean Champer of Deputies

María Luisa Ortega
Member of the Secretariat of the Progressive International

José Noé Rios Muñoz
Ambassador of Colombia to Cuba

José Luis Rodríguez García
Former Economy Minister of Cuba

Carlos Ron
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Venezuela

Manolo de los Santos
Executive Director of The People’s Forum

Maria Cândida Pereira Teixeira
Ambassador of Angola to Cuba

Ericka Ñanco
Member of Chilean Chamber of Deputies

Sign up now to support the Havana Congress on the NIEO, and be the first to hear from delegates as they set out a new vision for a just world order.

Sign up now to support the Havana Congress on the NIEO, and be the first to hear from delegates as they set out a new vision for a just world order.